Thursday, March 1, 2012

Old Growth Douglas-Fir Logs

A few years ago in an old growth timber forest on the west coast, a rather large tree came down. Living for approximately 1800 years, this tree could not spend the rest of its days rotting on the forest floor. Instead, we sent two semi trucks and a crane to retrieve this large piece of natures beauty..
This was one tree, that unfortunately had to be cut in half in order to transport. Each section is 29' long with the diameter of the largest end measuring 100" and the smallest end 60"
Someone will eventually find a use for these incredible logs. What do you see? A staircase? firetower? archway?...

Let us know what you would do with such a large piece of lumber..

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Great short talk on creating your own space

Sam Martin talks about creating a "manspace" (could be a womanspace too) in your home that is shaped by your passions. Regardless of your gender, having a space in your home that appeals to your uniqueness and interests can be an inspiring enhancement to our homes.